These are the most pressing needs right now for the Fuller Center, and for the children and families we serve. Gifts made toward one of the below funds will be put to work immediately, making a direct impact right away.

High Fuel Costs

Skyrocketing food costs

Some not-so-fun facts: The cost of feeding our children has suddenly spiked by over $15,000 a month, and the cost of the bus fuel for our afterschool and summer camp children has risen by over $2,000 a month. Uh oh… this is a serious problem.

The skyrocketing cost of food and fuel is simply unsustainable! Can you help keep our kids and buses up and running?

Unlike a for-profit business where inflation is forwarded to the consumer, our 600 families (the essential workers keeping our local businesses and economy open) are already stretched to their limits, facing unemployment, home loss, and food insecurity. Pushing the cost to them is simply not an option.

Kids can’t learn on empty stomachs, and buses can’t run on empty tanks! Please take just a moment to answer this call. EVERY gift from EVERY caring heart counts.

Fuller Center serves over 1,000 meals and snacks a day to over 700 children – often the only nourishing meals they get. Fuller buses pick up more than 200 children from 12 local schools to our enriching afterschool program so parents can work with peace of mind. With food and fuel costs rising, these essential services risk being reduced – in other words, children in our community may go hungry, and many may have nowhere safe and supervised to go after school.

Don’t let our buses and our kids’ tummies run on empty! Your tax-deductible gift today of any amount that’s meaningful to you will be meaningful to us.

Because of you and others who believe in this mission, the Fuller Center has remained a community cornerstone serving our most vulnerable, hardworking families and their children for more than 50 years. It’s this unwavering support that’s kept this mission alive that long, especially through Covid. When other organizations closed, we remained open, essential, and strong when our community needed us most.

Fuller Center NEVER takes your support for granted. When we ask for help, it’s for a genuine and urgent need. Please make your tax-deductible gift today to make all the difference in the life of a child.